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Dustless Cow Lamp Design Swag Bull Head

bull head lamp sconceNow you can have a western ranch farm style in your home with lower maintenance.  This handmade bull head style lamp made of metal was found on Etsy, and proves worthy for those who are living the no-dust lifestyle. Unlike real cow skulls or the like, this seemingly has a modernist design, is more minimalist, and looks as if dust would not collect much.  Priced at $99, the Ukrainian seller has a lot of “deco looking” design worthy lamps and lights in style.   It reminds us of a very simple line art style put to good use!  It’s definitely a different design than we’ve seen and we want to know your thoughts! Love it or hate it? Tweet us!

Found here:  HDECO

This item was randomly found at Etsy!

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Yellow Sunflower Jar Darcie’s Art Store

Sunflower Vase by Darcie's Art Store on Etsy

This sunflower vase or jar can hold fresh herbs, wildflowers, or paint brushes. Source: Darcie’s Art Store

This yellow sunflower jar is just one of many decoupaged jars, and bottles fit for home decor by Darcie’s Art Store on Etsy.  The shop features handmade gifts, upcycled and recycled old bottles who have been given a new lease in life.   Darcie’s Art Store starts with a decoupage process but actually hand paints and embellishes the jars or bottles with decorations.  They are bright and lovely and superior in design.  This is one way to have a unique gift for mother’s day, Valentine’s day, or a special birthday.  No two will be alike which makes them a steal. This one is priced at only $14.99.  I think that Vincent Van Gough would be pleased at such a fine use of sunflowers.  Perhaps also for wedding table gifts, a superb idea.

Etsy Jar by Darcie's Art Store



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Modernist Vintage Orange Vinyl Chair

Etsy Orange Modern Design Chair

Found on Etsy at shop:   Treasureinteriors  $1055 

From days of my  mother’s youth this orange vinyl chair, or as the seller calls it a 1970 Modern Chrome Vinyl Cube Lounge Club Chair Mid Century Modern Sofa Vintage….. whatever the case it’s slippery and vinyl and oh so retro.  I remember as a kid going to doctor’s offices or waiting in my dentist office in chairs like these. That was in the 70’s.   It’s hard to find one in such good condition. Mostly I have seen them in my travels with ripped up vinyl or rusty legs.  These were made sturdy and built to last.. Really a case of mid century design love.  These styles were popular from the 1950’s to the 1970’s depending on what designer was making them or the styling.  It looks very Eames and would go great in a modernist home.

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Vintage Purple Bottles Make Great Home Decor

amethyst glass purple bottle on etsy

From Etsy Shop IWANTVINTAGE comes great purple bottles.

Purple bottles occur in two ways, they were either molded from amethyst glass or they happened over time with a chemical process when exposed to sunlight.  Essentially they have grown on me over time and I now find myself sitting them in my own kitchen window. They are rare and hard to find in good shape. Etsy shop IWANTVINTAGE has a nice selection of them, and I visit their shop often.  They are also used at weddings to display a sprig of baby’s breath and look lovely on the guests’s tables.  It’s just good industrial design 🙂


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Industrial Relics Rare Hall China Glove Molds

RetroChaletHall China Glove Mold RetroChalet has this great collection of vintage porcelain glove molds, which were once used to make gloves.

These kind, probably latex of sorts. Now with automation, old porcelain molds like these have been retired, and somehow a crap load I was able to acquire for my RetroChalet shop on Etsy.  How? I took a road trip to an abandoned factory down south, and tracked down the original owner in Washington State. He sold me a container full that he would otherwise use for crush and run (eegad.)  I had to pay per piece, freight and heavy shipping but it was worth it.  I now pass these great relics onto others, as I no longer use them for my catering.

Ranging from $36.95 and up, you can get one of these babies before they are gone.

Most in my shop were made in the USA by companies such as General Porcelain of Trenton, NJ,and even Hall China Company, which began with three brick kilns in East Liverpool, Ohio.  The molds I have were made prior to the big buy out by Homer Laughlin China Company (makers of Fiesta).  It is rare to find Hall Glove Molds and I’ve not seen many besides the one I have.  Those are higher priced in the shop than the regular NJ ones, as they are more elusive and rare.

You can use code DesignSwag for a 10% discount in my shop!

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Shabby Chic Grey

gray grey paris storage bench from etsy  shop arborala

From Etsy Shop arborala comes this great handmade shabby bench in Grey

Grey is shabby and chic, and nothing says look at my entryway like this great Ateliers French Inspired Shabby covered bench handmade in Germany by Etsy shop arborala.  Priced at $352.10 it makes a great focal point and could hold tiny treasures or even shoes.  I especially like the modern silver design on the edges.  Very design worthy.

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Live Edge Wood Design Trend

Live Edge Wood from RusticTrip on Etsy

Pic: RusticTrip on Etsy, Headboard $1250.00


I remember someone telling me when doing design therapy or props for stores “If it’s brown put it down.”  It used to be no one wanted brown china, brown displays or brown wood , it was bright and bold color.  That old defunct rule has come full circle. Nature is in and brown is the cat’s meow. The new design trend called “live edge” means that wood doesn’t have to be sanded and beveled completely perfectly anymore, instead; let nature run it’s course. As shown here, a table made by RusticTrip Etsy shop. The wood appears to be fresh cut and living as it makes a focal point for your home.

other popular items are
live edge benches, shelves, wood cabinets, and chairs.